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Tailored professional development for teachers designed to increase student achievement in mathematics

Our Path to Increasing Student Math Proficiency

Our research-based math professional development workshops and programs meet the Standards for Professional Learning and are grounded in Effective Teaching Practices to support the Standards for Mathematical Practice (Process Standards).

Comprehensive PreK-12 Math Professional Development Program


Using assessment data about the needs of your students and characteristics of your current professional learning program, we collaboratively design a strategic professional learning program.


Job-embedded professional development opportunities such as Professional Learning Workshops and Instructional Coaching are implemented. These activities connect student improvement goals and educator objectives for maximum impact.


Throughout the course of a program, progress toward the established goals and objectives is monitored. Reflection and revision are inherent in our cycles of continuous improvement.

Administrator's Guide to Math Professional Development Programs

This practical Guide presents research-based approaches for professional development programs that can shift instructional methods leading to improved student proficiency in mathematics. 

What is Pear?

Learn our point of view and approach to helping your PreK-12 teachers increase student mathematics proficiency through our professional development programs.

Our Latest Resources

Designing effective math professional development

Design Professional Learning

Designing a math professional learning program ​for teachers that will shift instruction and increase proficiency.

Download the Guide

Principal Classroom Observation

Classroom Observation Techniques

How should principals be observing classroom instruction given the new math standards? 

Watch this series of videos

Engaging reluctant teachers

Engage Reluctant Teachers

How can you help your instructional coaches engage with reluctant teachers?

Download our Graphic Tool

Increase Mathematics Professional Development Effectiveness

Accomplished Educators, Expert Math Coaches

Our professional learning partnership with your curriculum and instruction team is dedicated to creating, co-managing, and executing instructional coaching programs designed for teachers to increase student proficiency in math.

Administration and Math Coach Partnership

Pear's administrative and coaching team members have had illustrious careers as educators of mathematics who furthered their influence through curriculum writing and development, university-level teaching, and teacher professional development.

Flexible Options for Expanding Your Team

Our insourced model provides flexible and affordable options to expand your mathematics professional learning capacity with highly experienced instructional coaches. Our contracts allow for quick changes in service levels.

How We Partner with Your School District


Pear School Solutions' services can be seamlessly embedded in your district and integrated with your team.


Pear offers blended services that combine virtual and on-site services to cater to teacher schedules.


Pear can provide math professional learning services through virtual video and cloud document sharing technology.

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