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History and Focus of Pear School Solutions

Pear School Solutions was co-founded by a university professor of elementary math and science teaching methods at Purdue University Northwest's School of Education, curriculum writer and instructional trainer for the University of Chicago STEM Education (formerly Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education), Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Excellence in Elementary Mathematics Teaching Award winner, published author, and 15-year veteran classroom teacher. 

Realizing that the new instructional methods required of the new state standards in Mathematics are profound and require significant paradigm shifts in both the teaching and learning of mathematics, Pear School Solutions was created to support educators. From experiences supervising pre-service teachers to collaborating with academics about research-based instructional practices, it became clear that Pear's mission must be to provide as many educators as possible with effective and engaging professional learning opportunities to make these shifts. Pear aspires to be accessible to all school districts looking for assistance in supporting teachers and principals on their journeys to understand and implement new teaching and learning strategies which ultimately lead to increased student proficiency in mathematics. 

At Pear, we understand that instructional coaching as professional learning is the most effective method to enhance teacher practices that positively impact student performance. The design, implementation, and staffing of instructional mathematics coaching programs, however, pose real challenges to school districts.

Thus, Pear School Solutions offers school districts the unique ability to insource math professional learning programs that are effective, affordable, and flexible. Pear operates as a connected partner with the district's administration team, teaching and learning team, and building principals. 

Our professional learning programs are customized to the specific instructional goals of each district. We create research-based programs grounded in the Effective Teaching Practices that support the Standards for Mathematics Practice or Process Standards. Now that students must demonstrate deep knowledge of mathematics learned through conceptual development, teachers must make exciting, yet oftentimes daunting, instructional changes to support student learning.


Pear School Solutions provides knowledgeable, compassionate, and expert coaches across the preK-12 spectrum. Pear Instructional Math Coaches are carefully selected and have significantly contributed to education. Grounded in classroom experience as teachers themselves, our coaches are currently or formally university professors, curriculum writers, conference presenters, and award winners. They are passionate thought-leaders and true allies of teachers.


Start your journey toward designing and implementing an effective professional learning program for your teachers of mathematics. Begin by sharing your story with us! Let's see if a "Pear"-tnership makes sense.

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