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Student Achievement Gains in Mathematics

Test Score Results from Three Schools


Increase in number of students who met or exceeded mathematics standards in schools with Pear Instructional Math Coaching.

In a review of three schools incorporating a Pear School Solution's insourced instructional math coaching program for even just one year, the results are promising. The schools (two elementary and one middle) struggled with low and stagnant mathematics performance as measured by the PARCC test. Administrators knew that some dramatic initiatives needed to be implemented to improve student achievement and insourced Pear to create and co-manage math instructional coaching programs.

Student achievement gains in mathematics with schools that included instructional mathematics coaching

Pear designed customized instructional mathematics coaching programs based on the specific needs of a school and its participating teachers. Each program was co-managed by Pear’s Director of Educational Services, the district administration team, and the building principal. A dedicated Pear Instructional Math Coach for the entire 2017-2018 school year was assigned to a school. Of course, many factors can and do contribute to an increase (or decline) in student achievement and that some of these factors are indirect and difficult to capture. It's also important to note that instructional coaches focus on supporting teachers and their practices, not on students directly. In addition, for greatest impact, instructional coaching is (typically) a multi-year effort and investment. The results presented here do not isolate the influence of the coaching program, but certainly include them.

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