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Options for Expanding a District's Teaching & Learning Team

For administrators looking to expand a district’s internal teaching & learning team’s services with the inclusion of an instructional coaching program or with the addition of instructional coaches for an existing program, three ways to do so are possible. One option is to develop, manage, and staff an employed program. Another option, described as outsourcing, is to hire external resources for teachers outside of the realm of the current teaching and learning team. A new option is to insource an expert math professional learning team. This means that a coaching program with experienced, expert coaches is seamlessly integrated with your existing curriculum and instruction team and co-managed by district and Pear School Solutions administrative teams.

Employed Program


Develop, manage, and staff a fully internal program usually by moving effective teachers from classrooms to an educational services role.   


Hire an outside consultant to provide professional learning services directly to teachers either onsite or via remote video services.

Insourced program


Co-develop and co-manage an internal program informed by experienced and expert thought partners. 

Outsourced services

A Comparison of Three Models of Professional Learning Programs

The options and benefits of three different models for school district math professional development programs
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