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Pear School Solutions Administration Team

Lisa J. Bernstein, M.Ed, M.A. - Director of Educational Services

As the Director of Educational Services, Ms. Bernstein partners with school districts to develop, implement, and co-manage instructional math coaching programs designed to increase effective instructional practices. She co-founded Pear School Solutions in order to provide schools with flexible and affordable options to embed highly-qualified instructional math coaches into as many classrooms as possible. For Ms. Bernstein, improving math instruction for all students is a matter of equity and social justice.

Alison Miller Singley, Ph.D. - Learning Program Specialist

Alison earned a doctoral degree in mathematical reasoning at the University of California, Berkeley, only to find upon completion that what the world of mathematics educators really needs is a management consultant! With all the policy and curricular changes affecting teachers’ daily lives, Alison is uniquely positioned to appreciate both the value of the new mathematical instructional methods being adopted, as well as the immense challenge of learning and implementing such changes on both personal and systemwide scales.

Sean Klunder, M.B.A. - President & Chief Operating Officer

Sean’s nearly 20-year career in education has been dedicated to providing innovative educational solutions for school districts across the country. He strongly believes that quality educational support and materials are necessary for every teacher to be successful in the classroom in order to positively impact student achievement.

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