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Alison Miller Singley, Ph.D.

Learning Program Strategist

Career Highlights

  • Corporate Training Designer, Accenture

  • GED Mathematics Instructional Volunteer

  • Ph.D. Mathematical Reasoning, University of California, Berkeley

Allison Pear Pic.jpg

Alison spent her early career designing training programs for corporate clients with Accenture, a management consultancy, and she loved the opportunity to support people’s learning as their organizations underwent major strategic or systemic changes. Yet, throughout that time, Alison was also drawn to volunteering at GED centers where she loved helping students make sense of mathematics and build confidence in their learning. 


Intending to make a life change of her own into mathematics education, Alison earned a doctoral degree in mathematical reasoning at the University of California, Berkeley, only to find upon completion that what the world of mathematics educators really needs is a management consultant! With all the policy and curricular changes affecting teachers’ daily lives, Alison is uniquely positioned to appreciate both the value of the new mathematical instructional methods being adopted, as well as the immense challenge of learning and implementing such changes on both personal and systemwide scales.


Alison joins Pear in the role of Learning Program Strategist to partner with Lisa and the coaching team in supporting teachers’ professional learning. Outside of Pear, Alison is raising her own little mathematicians, and her proudest moment as a mom is when her 3-year old noticed that his piece of cheese looked like “half a stop sign!”

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