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PreK-12 Insourced Math Professional Learning Programs

Pear School Solutions believes that educational support and services deserve deep internal collaboration for the greatest impact on instructional change and student achievement. This is why we have structured our math professional learning programs around an insourced model for districts. This provides school districts with affordable and effective ways to expand an existing instructional coaching team or to start one by embedding highly accomplished educators and expertly trained instructional math coaches in teaching and learning teams.


Outsourcing for services has been a popular practice that moves specific functions outside of a school district. While there are financial benefits to outsourcing, there are some grave disadvantages as well. The dollars saved in limiting additional employee salaries and benefits are not always worth the loss of control by district administrators, the lack of collaboration with district personnel, or the missed opportunities for creative solutions when services are outsourced.


Insourcing means that contracted services are seamlessly integrated with your existing teaching and learning team and co-managed by district administrators. Insourcing includes the financial benefits of contracting with outside expert support, while still allowing district administrators the internal control needed to manage and monitor the quality of services. Lowering costs without giving up control are significant benefits of insourcing.  

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Benefits of Pear's Insourced vs. Outsourced Math Professional Learning

Math professional development program options for school districts

Administrative Team Partnership

Our administrative team becomes part of your district administrative team to design instructional coaching services so they are aligned to your student achievement goals and to manage the program toward successful achievement of those goals. Our administration team also “pear”tners with each building principal to ensure the instructional mathematics coaching initiative is focused, efficient, and forward-moving.

Pear Instructional Math Coach Partnership

Pear Mathematics Instructional Coaches become part of your existing teaching and learning team. A Pear coach can serve to expand an existing instructional coaching team or to create and launch a new math professional learning program. In either partnership, Pear Mathematics Instructional Coaches become part of the fabric of a school’s instructional leadership team.

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