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Interested in Becoming a Pear Math Coach?

Become a Pear Math Instructional Coach

Being a Pear Math Instructional Coach is an exciting role! It means being part of the Pear team dedicated to improving mathematics instruction across the country. Pear School Solutions matches the needs of school districts to your expertise. While we only select accomplished educators with a high passion for math education, we provide our math coaches with training through the University of Chicago STEM Mathematics Coaching Academy and we collaborate as a team in ongoing professional development around the latest instructional research and coaching practices so we can deliver the highest quality in coaching services.

If you are interested in becoming a Pear Math Instructional Coach, please complete the form below. When you tell us about your background and why you want to become a Pear Instructional Math Coach, we'll be looking for your passion as well as your qualifications.

The general profile of a Pear Math Instructional Coach includes:

  • Masters degree or higher in education

  • Accomplished teaching career in the elementary, middle, or high school math classroom

  • Demonstrable leadership experience supporting teachers

Success! We've received your submission and will be in touch soon.

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