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John Benson

Pear Instructional Math Coach

Middle & High School

Career Highlights

  • ICTM Distinguished Life Achievement Award

  • T.E. Rine Secondary Teaching Award

  • Lead Author UCSMP Geometry, 3rd Edition

  • Co-Author, McDougal Littell, Algebra I

  • Co-Author, McDougal Littell, Algebra II with Trigonometry

  • Co-Author, McDougal Littell, Gateways to Algebra & Geometry

Mr. Benson joined Pear School Solutions as a Pear Math Instructional Coach from an legendary career as a math educator spanning decades as a beloved secondary, college, and university teacher and mentor to countless colleagues. Testimonies abound from former students who credit the passion, enthusiasm, and sincere personal interest Mr. Benson exudes with their career decisions to become teachers of mathematics themselves. His illustrious career continues to impact educators in direct as well as residual ways as evidenced in his receipt of the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Distinguished Life Achievement in Mathematics Award in 2017.


Former teacher at Evanston Township High School in Evanston, IL and Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta, GA, Mr. Benson has been honored many times throughout his career for his dedication and contributions to education. He was bestowed the honor of the T.E. Rine Secondary Teaching award in 2008, is a four-time winner of the University of Chicago Outstanding Teacher Award, was awarded twice the Illinois Math & Science Academy Award of Excellence, and received the Presidential Award in Teaching Mathematics Illinois, Illinois Governor’s Master Teacher Award, Edyth May Sliffe Middle School Award, Excellence in Mentoring Education, and many more.


As an accomplished curriculum writer, Mr. Benson has co-authored three math programs for McDougal Littell: Algebra I, An Integrated Approach, Algebra 2 with Trigonometry, and Gateways to Algebra and Geometry. Mr. Benson was also the lead author of the Geometry text for the 3rd edition of UCSMP and consultant to the 4th edition of Everyday Mathematics. He authored Chapter 7, titled Middle School Geometry: A Case Study in “The Peak in the Middle" featured within the 2010 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics publication, Developing Mathematically Gifted Students in the Middle Grades. Mr. Benson also served as a reviewer and author of ACT geometry instructional materials from 2006-2012.


Mr. Benson has taught summer programs and workshops at the University of Northern Iowa, Northeastern Illinois University, Harper Junior College, and Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development.. Because of his knowledge, innovative instructional abilities, and desire to coach and mentor other teachers, Mr. Benson has been a presenter at over 400 conferences and workshops and served as a board member for Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics. He remains an active and enthusiastic member of ICTM in service to the profession and the mission of the organization.


Mr. Benson is proud to use his expertise in and passion for mathematics as a Pear Math Instructional Coach to support teachers in their own learning journeys to increase student achievement.

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