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Noreen Winningham, Ed.D.

Pear Math Instructional Coach


Career Highlights

  • Winner, Golden Apple Award

  • Curriculum Author for Everyday Mathematics

  • Curriculum Author for PreTransition Mathematics

  • Instructional Coach with the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP)

  • International Coaching in France and Belgium

“Partnering with teachers, regardless of their career stage, as they develop and stretch their instructional approaches to ensure this invaluable contribution to each and every one of their students, is a JOYFUL OCCUPATION! That is why I do what I do. Even when, as every teacher knows, the work can sometimes seem not so grandiose, I am never far from the reality of how vitally important is this profession.”

Dr. Noreen Winningham

Pear Math Instructional Coach

Dr. Winningham joins Pear as a passionate and highly accomplished educator motivated to continue her efforts to provide individualized approaches for teachers to improve their delivery of instruction for the sake of increased student achievement. She knows that effective instruction, particularly in mathematics, empowers intellectual development through habits of mind that contribute to the quality of communities and the world!


Winner of the Foundation for Excellence in Teaching Golden Apple Award for her innovation in the classroom, she was a dedicated elementary school teacher and middle school administrator for over 20 years in Evanston/Skokie School District 65. Dr. Winningham then went on to become an author, curriculum specialist, and instructional coach with the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP).


Her work as a consultant and coach for school districts, administrators, and teachers has taken her to districts throughout the United States, as well as Belgium and France. She was a certified CPDU provider for the State of Illinois and trained countless educators through her original professional development sessions in mathematics, computer technology, and arts integration. Not only has she collaborated with design research studies in mathematics through the University of Illinois, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Concord Consortium, and Teachscape, but she also served as a science team member on the Illinois State Board of Education Standards Development Initiative. Dr. Winningham has created gifted extensions in mathematics for classroom implementation, and developed programs for Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development.


A reflective and enthusiastic curriculum developer, Dr. Winningham has authored teacher and student materials for PreTransitions Mathematics and Everyday Mathematics, both published by McGraw-Hill Education. She is also the co-author of Reading Olympics, published by Dandy Lion Publications, and has an unpublished manuscript on writing in mathematics.


Dr. Winningham was an adjunct professor of Early Childhood Education at Kendall College in Evanston, IL, where she taught in the undergraduate program. She holds both a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Doctorate of Education in Instructional Leadership from National Louis University.


Dr. Winningham has lived in both France and Senegal and has camped and kayaked 20 miles below the Arctic circle!

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