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Math Professional Development for Teachers, Schools, and Districts 

Phoenix, AZ

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New Illinois Mathematics Standards​

The IL Math Learning Standards for K-12 are based on the Common Core standards. This represented a significant shift in teacher instructional practices in early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school, and gifted ​classrooms. The Illinois Math Learning Standards include the Standards for Mathematical Practice (Process Standards), which define the expertise that elementary, middle school, and high school teachers of mathematics should seek to develop in their students. On-site and/or online professional development workshops by expert providers have played an important role to shift classroom instruction to support student achievement against the new standards.

Professional Development for Illinois Teachers

In order to support Illinois teachers with learning opportunities for the new mathematics standards, professional learning workshops tailored to the learning needs of elementary, middle school, and high school teachers and students are provided expert professional development providers. While there are many free professional development options, most districts have included funds in their budgets for expert professional development providers in Illinois. Professional learning can be provided on-site, online, or a combination of on-site and online.

Expert Professional Development Workshops

There are three phases to expert professional development for Illinois teachers. While free professional development workshops exist, they traditionally are not systemic, nor are tailored to Illinois student achievement needs. Research has shown free online workshops have little affect on teacher development. Expert math professional development should start with program design where a needs assessment based on data is completed. Second, a teacher professional learning development program is expertly delivered using a variety of engagement options (e.g. workshops, PLCs, classroom observation, administrator classroom observation training, etc.). Finally, monitoring the program is essential to ensure that mathematics teacher instruction is positively impacting student achievement. 

Elementary Math Professional Development

Middle School Math Professional Development

High School Math Professional Development

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