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Pear School Solutions Officially Launches Nationally and Provides K-12 Instructional Math Coaches as

Instructional Math Coach Contractor Pear School Solutions

School Districts Can Now Easily Find and Hire On-Site Math Instructional Coaches as Contractors Without the Cost and Risk of Adding Full-Time Employees

CHICAGO, IL (April 10, 2017) — Pear School Solutions offers on-site, experienced, and contracted K-12 math instructional coaches, giving school districts the ability to add these roles without hiring salaried employees.

Instructional coaching has proven to be an effective method to enhance teacher instructional practices that positively impact student performance. The challenges that many school districts face in hiring instructional coaches are budget limitations and finding qualified, experienced educators to fill those roles.

Pear School Solutions was formed to offer school districts the unique ability to add math instructional coaches without the hassle and risk of hiring full-time district employees. Pear Math Instructional Coaches are experienced and accomplished educators who are continuously developed as coaches by Pear School Solutions to ensure that school districts receive high-quality services.

Contracting with Pear School Solutions provides school districts with an affordable, flexible, and effective solution to delivering instructional coaching support to teachers. School districts that contract with Pear School Solutions can define how much and what types of coaching support are needed and can adjust support based on evolving needs. Pear’s flexible and affordable contract options mean that school districts only pay for the support they want without the salary and benefit expense of full-time employees.

“Pear School Solutions believes that the most effective teacher development is through on-site, face-to-face, instructional coaching partnerships,” said Lisa Bernstein, M.Ed, M.A., Director of Educational Services at Pear School Solutions. “We believe that experienced instructional leaders partnering in the classroom can help teachers make the instructional shifts necessary to impact student growth. We have made it our mission to help school districts find flexible ways to get teachers the math support they need and deserve.”

Districts and schools interested in Pear School Solutions instructional support services can visit or call 847-920-PEAR. Educators interested in becoming a Pear Math Coach can visit and submit an online application.

About Pear School Solutions

Pear School Solutions focuses on supporting school districts with effective math instruction through contracted, on-site K-12 math instructional coaching, tailored professional development, and curriculum advising services.

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