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An Administrator's Guide to Effective Math Professional Learning Programs

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Math Professional Development for Teachers Guide

An Administrator's Guide to Effective Professional Learning Programs for Teachers of Mathematics presents research-based approaches for professional learning programs that can shift instructional methods leading to improved student proficiency in mathematics.

The inclusion of the Standards for Mathematical Practice (also called Process Standards) within new high-quality academic standards for mathematics represents a major change in American education.

Because students are now expected to engage with and learn mathematics much more deeply than ever before, teachers of mathematics must adopt new instructional approaches so students can become mathematically proficient.

Supporting teachers to make these instructional changes is an essential role of school and district administrators. This Guide presents research-based approaches and models for effective and affordable professional learning programs that lead to improved instruction for increased student achievement in mathematics.

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This Guide Contains:

Part I: The Reform in Mathematics Education

a. Paradigm Shifts in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

b. Understanding and Demonstrating Proficiency in Mathematics

c. Shifting Instruction in the Mathematics Classroom

Part II: Methods and Approaches for Professional Development

a. Levels of Teaching Training - A Key Research Study

b. Research Validation for Instructional Coaching

c. A Case for Specialized Instructional Math Coaches

Part III: Creating an Effective Professional Learning Program

a. Options for Expanding Teaching and Learning Services

b. Student Achievement Gains in Mathematics

c. How Districts Are Funding Professional Development

Part IV: Getting Started with Effective Professional Learning

a. Choosing Who Will Be Supported in Your School District

b. Selecting the Professional Learning Models

c. The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with the First Step

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