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PreK-12 Math Professional Learning Workshops 

Tailored to Your Needs,

Delivered by an Expert Pear Math Coach!

Pear School Solutions Math Professional Development Programs

Schedule a math professional development session with a Pear Instructional Math Coach and you'll receive tailored presentations and workshops based on the needs of your district, school, or math department. Pear Instructional Math Coaches create thought-provoking, research-based, and interactive professional learning workshops designed specifically for your educators. Teachers will leave a Pear Math Professional Learning Workshop with new tools they can use immediately to impact student learning.

Here are some popular topics Pear Instructional Math Coaches have been asked to address in professional learning workshops:

  • The 8 Standards for Mathematical Practice

  • Research-based effective teaching practices

  • Instructional shifts toward mathematical proficiency

  • High-cognitive demand tasks

  • Effective math discussions

  • Productive beliefs of effective math teachers and students

  • Inclusive and equitable math practices

  • Co-teaching models that work

  • Meeting the needs of gifted and talented students

  • Math instruction for English Language Learners

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