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Raymond J. Klein, M.A.T.

Pear Instructional Math Coach

Middle School & High School

Career Highlights

  • Article Author, NCTM Mathematics Teacher

  • Led over 350 Effective Teaching Practices Workshops

  • NCTM National, Regional, and State Conference Presenter

  • Illinois Presidential Award for Teaching Mathematics

  • 2018 T       Leadership Award

  • Co-Author, UCSMP Geometry, 3rd Edition

3 TM

“I love the study of mathematics, more for its intrinsic beauty, its logic, and its order than for its utilitarian purposes. I love to show people/students these intrinsic characteristics and help them develop an appreciation for them”

Raymond J. Klein

Pear Math Instructional Coach

Mr. Klein’s career in mathematics education spans over 30 years as a high school teacher, curriculum author, conference presenter, technology advisor and trainer, and professional development facilitator. His background in coaching teachers and providing training to educators to become trainers themselves supports his passion for helping educators adopt instructional practices that increase student achievement.


Mr. Klein is both a winner and an honorable mention honoree of the Illinois Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science. In addition, he is also the recipient of the RadioShack National Teacher Award as well as the 2018 T       Leadership Award.


Mr. Klein has been a T       National Instructor since 1995. Texas Instruments describes their T        program as “Leaders in Professional Learning” and “is comprised of some of the most creative and innovative mathematics and science teachers in the world.” By nature of this designation, he is an “advocate for leveraging effective classroom practices and the appropriate use of technology to enhance student achievement.” Without a doubt, Mr. Klein has “demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching, professional development, technology usage, and understanding of exemplary pedagogical usage of technology in the mathematics...classroom.”


An avid conference presenter, Mr. Klein has presented at both national and regional NCTM conferences as well as various state mathematics conferences. He has also led workshops as part of the Bureau of Education and Research (BER). Additionally, Mr. Klein has provided leadership training and classroom coaching as part of the Texas Instruments MathForward program and held the influential role of trainer and classroom coach in the federally funded GEAR UP program. In total, he has completed over 350 workshops to support effective teaching practices and the use of technology in the mathematics classroom.


An accomplished author and curriculum developer, Mr. Klein co-authored UCSMP Geometry, 3rd Edition and has written articles that appeared in the NCTM Mathematics Teacher and ICTM Mathematics Journals. He has also authored 3 handbooks to accompany his work with Bureau of Education and Research: “Enhancing Geometry Instruction Through the Use of Dynamic Geometry Software,” “Enhancing Geometry and Algebra Instruction Through the Use of Dynamic Geometry Activities,” and  “Enhancing Algebra Instruction Through Using Graphing Calculators Both With and Without CAS.”


Mr. Klein holds a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame and a M.A.T. in Mathematics Education from the University of Chicago. He also has completed coursework endorsing his teaching certificate to serve as a Mathematics Supervisor. He is a member of the National Council of Teacher of Mathematics (NCTM), Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM), Metropolitan Mathematics Club of Chicago (MMC), Council of Presidential Awardees in Mathematics (CPAM), and Mathematics Educators Exploring CAS (MEECAS).


Mr. Klein enjoys music and sports. He plays piano and sings in various choirs and has a particular love of jazz music. Mr. Klein is an avid New York Yankee baseball fan and enjoys thoroughbred horse racing. He and his loving wife have two adult daughters.

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