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Sean Klunder, M.B.A.

President & Chief Operating Officer

“Our mission at Pear is to provide school districts and their teachers with the highest quality instructional math coaches at a lower investment than FTEs to positively impact student performance.”

Sean Klunder

President & Chief Operating Officer

Sean’s nearly 20-year career in education has been dedicated to providing innovative educational solutions for school districts across the country. He strongly believes that quality educational support and materials are necessary for every teacher to positively impact student achievement in the classroom.


Sean started his career providing innovative student administrative software solutions to school districts to increase efficiency and to organize and protect important student records with Midwest Educational Group (a Pearson partner). Realizing that he wanted to deepen his support of education, he became a Product Manager of literacy and mathematics for NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group, a Tribune Education company. While there, he worked closely with editors and authors to develop quality educational materials that were teacher-friendly and research-based.


Tribune Education sold their educational publishing companies to McGraw-Hill Education, where Sean became the Marketing & Product Manager for elementary mathematics and adult education products for the Wright Group McGraw-Hill division. Sean was then recruited to become the Director of Marketing at ETA/Cuisenaire (now ETA Hand2Mind) where he was responsible for product management and marketing. At ETA/Cuisenaire, Sean was promoted to Vice President of the Math & Science division and was responsible for identifying the educational curriculum product innovation and marketing strategies.


Showing his value in educational curriculum innovation, Sean was recruited to become the Vice President of Marketing and Digital Development at World Book, a Berkshire Hathaway company. At World Book, Sean used his experience in digital platforms to develop innovative offerings for libraries and classrooms supporting math, science, and social studies.


Aside from his role at Pear, Sean is also an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. He thoroughly enjoys teaching the intricacies of digital marketing strategies to M.B.A. students.


Sean holds a B.A. in Business and Communications from Concordia University of Wisconsin, an M.B.A. from the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, and a Mini-M.B.A. in Digital Marketing from Rutgers University.

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